Monday, September 08, 2008

Liberals Tell Palin to Get Back In the Kitchen

Since the short time Senator John McCain's selection for Vice President has been announced, the leftist media has been oozing hypocrisy. No better proof that Palin's the right gal for the job than the media's barely-hidden vitriol being slung her way.

She has been attacked again and again, and it should be found striking that so many of the attacks were found to be inaccurate within days.

The same people who found no problem defending Clinton's felonious actions are now showing their "concern" for values voters by nitpicking or even making things up about Sarah Palin. There were questions about her firing her ex-brother-in-law as a Sate Trooper as evidence of corruption (the guy has used a Taser on his 10 year-old stepson). There were rumors about her youngest really being her daughter's baby (even as much as Palin faking a pregnancy while her daughter had "mono"), but it turns out she was already pregnant. Now liberals are acting as if this means she's unfit to be vice president, because her 17-yo old daughter is pregnant (and plans on getting married). Even that she named her children after witches (facts on that found here).

This, from the same people who defended Clinton. What ever happened to "everybody lies about sex?" (Hint: when someone says "everybody does it", all they're saying is that they do it.)

These stories are accompanied by accusations of inexperience, and constantly pointing out that she has five children.

What are they trying to say with the latter? All their talk of mothers being able to preform in the work force was just talk? Their "girl power!" rhetoric was just that? Here comes a woman managing to have a family as well as be a governor, and liberals just tell her to "get back into the kitchen." Are we allowed to compare her family life to that of Obama's, when he's admitted that neither he nor his wife have visited home much since hitting the campaign trail? His children are being left to his mother-in-law; and yet you won't hear a peep from the media about this.

Another inane idea the media is currently promoting is the idea that Palin's family is perfectly fair game in politics (namely, her daughter's premarital pregnancy). The same party that had no problem with a White House intern preforming oral sex on the President of the United States while he discussed national security on the phone with a Congressman is saying that Palin is unqualified because her daughter is pregnant out of wedlock- despite her daughter's honest desire to marry her now-fiance. She's doing the right thing; but values voters be warned!

Though one must admit, it's kind of cute to see liberals pretend to take interest in matters of morality.

Where's the non-stop news coverage of John Edwards' mistress and love-child, I wonder?

Finally, the Democrats are all attacking Sarah Palin's level of experience, which is enough to make most Americans laugh out loud. According to polls, the biggest problem the common American has with Barrack Obama is his utter lack of experience- yet Alaskan governor Sarah Palin has managed an $11 billion budget, and has had to manage executive affairs for which she is directly accountable. Obama's "experience" is only being a small member in a larger group, not authoring any major bill or action, and voting "present" over 130 times in his short time as a Senator. He's not even directly responsible for every vote, nor does he make himself accountable- he votes "present" on the bigger issues. That's "experience" to the Democrats, while managing an $11 billion budget and being held absolutely accountable for her actions is not.

In short, don't believe anything you hear on any major news network about Sarah Palin- their issue with her is that she's a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling, anti-corruption, true-blue American conservative.

For a transcript of her amazing speech at the Republican National Convention, visit here.


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