Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Passion of the Liberal (II)

Liberals are incapable of logic. This is the only conclusion I can make without just assuming that they in fact are merely stupid. I'd prefer to believe that they are people with some mental desease or another precluding them from making any sense whatsoever.

They seem to have a slight priority issue. Right now one of the big topics in the news is whether or not the American government should be taking steps in order to protect the poor polar bears...causing even Darfur to be set onto the back burner. After condemning US involvement in the Iraq war due to it being a "civil war," liberals immediately turned around and began demanding we get involved in Darfur's civil war...strange. Stranger still is how the people there who are suffering a great deal have been put on hold at least temporarily for some bears. Ann Coulter has written that liberals hate humanity about any other creature on the planet, view things exemplify this quite so well as their love of polar bears (who aren't even threatened by anything substantial, I'll talk about "global warming" later) above the genocide taking place in Darfur.

Also defying logic are the liberal's constant clamor for "change" in Washington. "Change" is the big thing now, whereas no candidate is really explaining what "change" would entail. Change from our system gradually becoming socialist would be nice. So would change for giving illegal immigrants who don't pay taxes Social Security benefits, as well as letting them put kids in our public schools without having to pay. Somehow, though; I doubt Barack Obama (having the most liberal voting record in the Senate) is going to change those things. Voters are giving into the hype of "change" and not really paying attention to the candidates' voting records or experience- Republicans are guilty of this as well. Pay attention, people!

"Global warming"...well as states and counties around America keep breaking records for "coldest days/winters;" we still have to listen to people tell us the sky is falling and it's all humanity's fault...then recently the Smithsonian Institute released a study expressing its concern over "global cooling"...so much for science all being in agreement on the issue. It is point of fact that most reputable scientists think that "global warming" is a crock; but you'll never know that the way you hear the crazies screaming for us to drop our standards of living at least 90%. I'll take my space heater over a cardigan sweater when it gets to 20 degrees outside, thanks.

Perhaps one of the worst examples of liberal's lack of logic are their "free speech" policies. In Berkely, CA; the city council has just voted 8-1 to tell Marine recruiting centers that they are unwelcome in their city. Maybe that sounds a little backwards to you, insofar as the Marines are currently dying for their right to be disrespectful to Marines, but that does fall within free speech and thus isn't my issue here. They ALSO voted 6-3 to give an anti-war group (called "Code Pink") a parking space right in front of the recruiting center, and also ENCOURAGED members of this group and other related groups to block entry to the recruitment center, thus blocking others' right to speech, or do as they wish and join the Marines. This is frankly an egregious infringement on the first amendment. The city has no right to use government to decide what its citizens should think or decide to do about the war, and the government condoning a breach of common liberty should be overthrown. My thoughts are that if they suppress support for our federal government, all federal spending should be immediately pulled from Berkely. And that's just my "nice" solution.

As an aside to that, I always hear liberals getting worked up into a pre-menstrual fit every time they start talking about pro-lifers picketing in front of abortion clinics saying it's "an insult to free speech and (blah, blah, blah)...but at least the lifer's don't block entry. Isn't this a bit worse? Where're all the whining liberals now? Oh yes, that's right! It's only "free speech" if they do it!

For example, the North Carolina State University just established its Gay Lesbian Bi Transgendered (GLBT) Center. Due to all the lack of harassment of GLBT persons, NCSU decided to do something about no one being harassed! Unless you're a Christian handing out free literature. Then you get thrown off campus, saying you need a "permit for solicitation." For those of you who don't know, "soliciting" would involve some transfer of money- but instead these two men were merely handing out free literature. But NCSU takes a dim view of Christians for their "intolerance," after all they're- wait...Christians don't believe in homosexuality...NCSU builds a center for it (which is fine of course in the legal sense) but tosses Christians off campus for "soliciting" when they try to express their beliefs. Who's being intolerant here again? Believe with the university or shut up. Sounds like tolerance to me. Why don't they build a Center for Christians as well? Wouldn't having a diverse amount of "Centers" be truely tolerant? Not according to liberals.

This, sadly, is EXTREMELY common on universities. Republican and Christian groups both have a lot of trouble getting funding that's rightfully theirs anyway from their respective universities whereas GLBT Centers are built in GLBT honor without any real cause or reason. Universities will pay for a speaker like the Iranian President to diss America, as well as other people who either have a similar hatred for America or at least political views somewhere to the left of Stalin; but if College Republicans want the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, Mike Adams, or Ann Coulter to speak they must raise the funds themselves- and even then the liberal students though will show their "tolerance" for other points of view by shouting the speakers down, violently removing speakers from the stage, or even throwing food. This never happens when liberal speakers come, even when paid for by the university; because conservatives actually have some respect for freedom of speech.

It is inescapable that liberals are simply incapable of logic, expect no consequences for child-like behavior, and have very high double-standards. They are full of little catchphrases and repeated quips ("Bush lied kids died!") but no actual substance whatsoever. You can be sure as time goes on, the news will continue to report things such as shown in this article, and then the one after this.


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