Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Replacing Dumb with Dumber

So, conservatives everywhere rejoiced when "just because they're fake doesn't mean they're not true" Dan Rather was ousted from his position at CBS news. Finally, maybe the networks would learn their lesson, or at least hire a news anchor that is less laughably biased.

Instead, the disgraced network is vying for the championship in the race to hire as many left-wing bigots as possible. They pulled ahead recently when they announced that they would let a feminist party repre- I mean, Katie Couric into the anchor's seat. This is, as I've read recently, the first talkshow host to air her own colonoscopy.

This is also a person who is a mockery to the concept of "unbiased" journalism- and though I would acknowledge that their is no such thing, I would retort that certain publications and journalists can go awfully close. Couric, of course, not being one of them. As an aside, I'd much rather watch FOX News than CNN- though I find it unlikely that will strike any of you as a surprise.

Couric is famed for her ability to be able to present feminist views without even blinking, in the name of unbiased news- consider this, from an article written by Carey Roberts.

'Or consider a June 2, 1994 interview with Christina Hoff Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism?. When Sommers explained that football does not provoke male viewers into a wife-beating frenzy, Katie offered this response: "Let’s say, if one accepts your thesis, that these statistics are inflated or used incorrectly. Aren’t you worried about throwing the baby out with the bath water?. . . Aren’t you afraid that you’re going to be dismissing the problem all together if you refute that, or if you constantly criticize that?"

'So Katie let the cat out of the bag – when feminists make their grandiose claims about brutish patriarchs and downtrodden women, they don’t believe a single word of what they’re saying. It’s just that telling the truth would be tantamount to "dismissing the problem all together." '

This is only mildly disturbing. For examples that are more so, read the article yourself, or perhaps merely use Google- you will assuredly find something.

Couric's rise to CBS's prime position should be seen as shameful of CBS, and is surely an example of how utterly, unapologetically biased the news media is.