Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Letter to a Feminist

This I sent to, in response to a column that Dr. Mike S. Adams posted on Read the original, because it's well worth the read.

Not to re-state what’s already been stated a million times before, but:

If feminists were not such raving, hysterical ideologues they might take the time to realize that over 80% of America claim to believe in God. As in the Christian God. So telling Dr. Adams that he and his fellow “white Christian boys” are out to take over all of America is a little ridiculous, since most of America is Christian anyway. Plus, I am a white, Christian guy and I take offense at your statements. Which also leads to my next thought:

If feminists weren’t such raving, hysterical ideologues they might take the time to realize that much of what they say can offend people, and thus shut said people off from listening to the rabid ranting of the feminists. Since you seem to denounce Christianity as an “elitist” thing, you might be surprised to learn that- since over 80% of America claims to believe in God- you’re most likely offending at least half of America, thus causing at least half of America to stop listening to your vile spew.

Also, if feminists weren’t such raving, hysterical ideologues they might take the time to realize that- since, once again, over 80% of America claim to believe in God- many of these Christians share the same belief system- as is to be expected of those who share the same religion. This includes the part where Christ said that “God knew us before we were knitted in our mothers’ womb” (I’m paraphrasing), which would indicate to all cognizant Christians- which over 80% of America claim to be- that not only are fetuses alive, with souls, but that they are alive and with souls before, in fact, being “a packet of cells.” Though you are a feminist, and thus a raving, hysterical ideologue who will refuse to listen to me (probably not even read and definitely will not respond to my email), I will be brief and not waste my time: God has a very unique plan for each person, for He can create good from a whole lot of bad. Even, I presume, from hysterical feminists like yourself. For example: Thanks to your radical, hysterical feminism, many people are seeing that some liberal viewpoints- such as yours on abortion and the family- are not, exactly, in the interest of either themselves or their country. In fact, they have realized- all thanks to over-emotional crazies such as yourself- that feminism is a very evil and not a very nice thing.

So, praise God for you, who helped convince America that feminists are raving, hysterical ideologues who can’t take the time to realize that they’re not helping their own cause much, but hurting it an awful lot.

I guess it’s a good thing your mother didn’t abort your little packet of cells.
~ K. T. Stone; a senior in high school with more sense than all feminists combined